On Dealing With Perfectionism As a Creative

I’m not going to spout out more cliches about how as imperfect humans, we should be ok with imperfections. But I’m writing to say that everyone - no matter how far along they are on the journey - goes through a stage where they’re crippled by the desire to be perfect.

Forget About the Numbers

When I was busy obsessing over the statistics, I failed to recognise that every number represented an actual, real-life person who was choosing to spend time reading my stories.

A Letter On Creativity & Comparison

Here’s what I know about the comparison game: there are no winners. While you’re comparing yourself to that writer, they’re probably comparing themselves to someone else. The result is two individuals who feel deflated and less-than.

How to Write About Pain

I’m sure there are places of pain in your heart—places where the sun hasn’t shined, places that are deep and are dark. Places begging to be seen or heard or understood. Here’s how you write about those places and that pain.