I've spent all my life telling stories for people who'll listen: my mum, strangers on the internet, and now, you.


Hey, you. 

My writing journey began smack bang in the middle of my Law degree when I realised I’d rather serve the world through words & stories — not how well I knew the Constitution.

Rather than argue in circles or draft convoluted legal documents, I wanted to cut to the chase and write words that strike deep in the hearts of people. Words that entertain, delight, and even get you to shed a tear or two.

Then – just like the movie – Serendipity struck.

After pressing publish on this corner of the internet, I crossed paths with an entrepreneur who needed help finding the right words. Our meeting was exactly like the 2001 hit comedy minus the NYC background, the snow, the jilted fiancees, the romantic ending — actually, it was nothing like the movie. 

But one thing was crystal clear. 

Just like pancakes need ice cream and pizza needs buffalo mozzarella, business owners need someone who can take their brand from just ‘meh’ to ‘holy crap, let’s have seconds.’

Someone who can write in a way that hooks people in and keeps them there.

Someone who can take the ideas buzzing between their ears and bring them to life.

Someone who can craft stories that’ll open up people’s hearts (and wallets).

Someone who just happens to be me.

One quarter-life crisis later, I’ve found my sweet spot telling stories & creating custom content strategies for brands across Australia & the US so they’ll never be at a loss for words.

Apart from telling stories for entrepreneurs, I also put words to emotions and write about the moments & feelings so many of us are afraid to voice out loud. Like, how to find people who truly understand us, how to pick ourselves up after a heartbreak, and how to stop feeling like a walking bundle of contradictions. (Spoiler alert: I don’t think we ever will).

But if there’s anything I’ve learnt after relentlessly throwing myself headfirst into life, it’s that the mess is where the greatest and often funniest stories are born. In fact, I send out a love letter every Wednesday filled with said funny stories and insight to help you trump the hump day blues and get you closer to dancing on the weekends.

Above all, no matter who you are, or why you’re here, I hope you walk away feeling a little more hopeful, a little less misunderstood, and with the words you need to seize the day.

So pull up a virtual chair and join the club. You’re always welcome here.

 Encouraging you always,



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