What They Needed.

The founders knew their revolutionary product would help their customers maximise their performance and stay safe from hidden nasties in the gym. They just had trouble communicating the performance-enhancing benefits of their product. Or how to convert the visitors who landed on their website into paying customers. 

What I Did

  • Target audience research & competitor analysis
  • Tone of voice
  • Web copy

I dusted off my workout gear and immersed myself in the powerlifting world to analyse who her customers were, what they were looking for, and how the Exershield Signature Exercise Cover would boost their performance. Then, I peeked over the fence to check out the competitors and find out what makes Exershield an outstanding original. Finally, I crafted the brand’s Tone of Voice and rolled it out across every touchpoint on the website to drive conversions. 

The Result 

The founders walked away with a crystal clear understanding of who their customers are and how to speak to them. Now, the words on their website can do the heavy lifting, while the founders can focus on elevating their performance at the gym.

I HIGHLY recommend Ashley to anyone who needs high-impacting copy. I really love what she created for us. Before I met her, I felt unclear on who my target market was and my website wasn't converting. Now, I have so much more clarity around my target market and my brand, and I have clear steps on how to speak to my audience.