Work With Me

Words are a pretty big deal around here.

They’re also a pretty big deal to these brands and publications:


The Peers Project 

Head of Content

The brief: take creative control over the in-house content and ensure all content rolls out seamlessly. This looks like:

  • Writing podcast show notes
  • Creating weekly e-newsletters like this one and this one
  • Crafting social media copy + scheduling socials
  • Spearheading an eight-week email campaign from start to finish –> Sign up here to learn How to Start a Podcast.
  • Managing our in-house team of remote freelancers (and getting emotionally attached to Asana)

Freshh Connection 

This savvy millennial has a gift for social media management and photography. She just needed a fresh and compelling way to tell her story. Together, we wrote an About page that connects and converts:

Content Writing

Sometimes an 80-word caption just isn’t enough. I create powerful and original blog posts and long-form articles so brands can attract and nurture their audience.

I also tell stories with a heart to encourage and as a way of giving back to the community. Often, my stories find a home in online publications like these ones:

A Reasonable Standard: Wellbeing for Law Students 

Co-founder + Editor 

When I’m not writing words on the internet, I study Law/Arts at Monash University. In 2018, I combined the two and co-founded a mental health platform for law students. We share honest and transparent stories about mental health like these:

All Language Resources

The goal? To become the most comprehensive language resource website. I ghost blog for the founder and write articles about French, Korean, Russian and Portuguese courses:

DeJure Newsletter

Say it loud; say it proud. I wrote a piece that was chosen to launch the second round of Dejure’s weekly encouraging newsletters.

Interrail Planner

After discovering my travel article on Medium, the founders of Interrail Planer asked me to write a similar article for their platform. The result? Here:

Grit & Virtue

A faith-based personal development platform for modern women. My piece was featured here:

Windrose Magazine

How do we stop worrying about other people’s opinions? I still struggle with this on a weekly basis, but writing this article helped:

Eight Hundred Words

Fear is the biggest killer of dreams. So, I gave fear a voice and told him to hush:

Like what you see?

If you’re seeking a fresh perspective on your copy or you just want someone to take care of all your content, drop me a line here.