Work with Me

Let me write words for you

In case you hadn’t noticed, words are a pretty big deal around here.

It’s what empowered me to reclaim my confidence (Hella yes!) and even convinced me to spend precious dollars on products I didn’t need, but sure as heck wanted!


Words have a heck ton of power.

The question is, how are you harnessing this power for your business?

Sure, you can talk the talk… but if the words on your page aren’t resonating with your audience, you may as well be speaking to no one.

The truth is: people trust people who ‘get them.’

We’re wired to invest in those who understand us and we’re a sucker for good stories.

So if your brand is missing the mark or you feel like you’re constantly being ghosted by your audience, look no further.

As a deep feeler, serial overthinker, and crafter of love letters, I have a knack for creating content that articulates your audience’s emotions.

Together, we’ll dig deep to understand the heart, needs and wants of your dream audience so you’re always speaking their language.

Whether it’s an About Page, a Product Summary or a blog post, I’ll write copy that get your audience opening their hearts, minds, and even their wallets up to your brand.💲💲

So what are you waiting for?

Below are some of the awesome brands and websites my words have been featured on! To check out more of my work and other styles of writing, take a peek at my portfolio

To make this relationship official, slide into my emails here. There won’t be any ghosting, I promise:


The Peers Project 


The Peers Project is your gateway to one-on-one support, resources and a global podcast dedicated to helping you find clarity, align with your passion and do fulfilling work

  • Craft emotion-based social media copy that embodies the audience’s feelings about fear and courage
  • Unpack the CEO’s story of how she found clarity, using the right amount of vulnerability, to gain her audience’s trust. Primarily done through a series of LinkedIn videos + more in-depth Instagram captions
  • Design the graphics for the Podcast, create engaging Insta Stories, and set up the Pinterest business account
  • Since working with TPP, I’ve helped increased the social media following AND engagement, with more people commenting on posts and sliding into the DMs to say ‘I feel this way too!’

Freshh Connection 

freshh conn

Social Media Management and stunning Content Creation for a Freshh Connection with your online community.

  • Worked together with the Founder to craft an About Page that would highlight the story behind Freshh Connection and the importance of connecting authentically with your audience on social media.


A Reasonable Standard: Wellbeing for Law Students


A platform by Law students, for Law students that shares honest and transparent stories about getting through Uni with your sanity (reasonably) intact. We talk all things Mental Health, transitioning into First Year, and Tips for International Students. Only by being honest about the experiences that we go through will be break the stigma around mental illness. 

  •  Co-founder and Editor
  • Responsible for content creation, heading up the Mental Health section, and fostering relationships with legal professionals, small businesses and Social Media Influencers
  • Social media gal: curate and create content for our Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn pages
  • In the first 3 months of our launch, we received over 1.4k unique visitors spanning across 34 countries