"I wrote the pre-launch content for my own digital product launch in literally a few hours."

The Pre-Launch POWER Pack starts your launch off the right way, and keeps momentum building.

- Nic Moors, Launch Copywriter & Creator of The Brand Voice Buddy

With The Pre-Launch POWER Pack™ in your arsenal, you'll be able to:

  • Plan an effective pre-launch strategy (for yourself OR your clients) that primes your audience for your launch
  • Create profitable pre-launch content that drums up desire for your digital product AND counters your audience's objections before your doors even open
  • Schedule your pre-launch & launch content with ease thanks to the Pre-Launch & Launch calendars
  • Save precious time by only creating strategic & impactful content that helps your audience see the value of your product
  • Drive more traffic off of socials and onto your sales page (Because what’s the point of having a shiny, high-converting sales page if no one’s reading it?)

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Hey, You!

I’m Ash ― 

A launch strategist, conversion copywriter, and someone who spends more time in her feelings than Drake.

And after falling head over heels in love with helping online business owners sell their digital products on repeat, here’s what I noticed ― 

While most people achieve their best sales during cart-close day, implementing a solid pre-launch strategy has helped my clients: 

  • Achieve their best sales on Day 1 of their launch (which meant they could break out the bubbly early)
  • Hit 5-figures in the first 24 hours (with a $200 product) 
  • Double their early-bird enrollment (from 10 to 21 students) AND bring in an extra $17k in *pre-launch* revenue

And after seeing just how important creating a pre-launch strategy is (and how woefully under-served this area is) ―

I decided to bake everything I know about creating profitable pre-launch content into The Pre-Launch POWER Pack so YOU can get your audience flinging their credit card at you from Day 1.

"Ash is the only copywriter I know who specializes in pre-launch content and really nails it.

With Ash's pre-launch strategy, we had one of our largest launches and hit 6-figures. AND we were able to fill nearly half of our spots in this program through our early-bird enrollment."

- Kira Hug, co-founder of The Copywriter Club

You and The Pre-Launch POWER Pack™ are a match made in heaven if...

  • You’re launching a digital product and you want a resource to lean on to DIY your launch
  • You're a launch copywriter who wants to add "Pre-Launch Content Creation" to your launch packages (and increase your prices!)
  • You want to maximise your sales with a shorter launch period
  • You want more people to snap up your offer on Day 1 of your launch
  • You prefer to create content with intention instead of using the scatter-gun approach

Since you're lurking down here...here's a sneak peek of what's inside...

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