"Ash is the only copywriter I know who specializes in pre-launch content and really nails it.

With Ash's pre-launch strategy, we had our first six-figure launch. AND we filled nearly half of our spots in this program through our early-bird enrollment (which brought in an extra $17k in pre-launch revenue)!"

- Kira Hug, co-founder of The Copywriter Club

Want more sales on Day 1 of your launch?

Then you’re going to need to create pre-launch content!

Your pre-launch content plays a Titanic-sized role in how your launch performs. 

But SO many people skip this step because they either:

  • Don’t know the best way to market their digital product before it launches. (Like, what do you talk about and how do you make sure it resonates?!)


  • They dedicate all their energy to creating their digital product & launch assets until they have zero brain juice left in the tank to even think about their pre-launch.

But the fact you’re hanging out here tells me that isn’t going to be *your* story

Inside this jam-packed, interactive guide, you'll discover:

  • The #1 goal of your pre-launch content (and why you shouldn’t skip it!)
  • The 2 essential stages of a profitable pre-launch strategy
  • The 3 pivotal questions your pre-launch content needs to address to help your audience see the value of your digital product *before* your cart even opens
  • The signature POWER™ framework you can use to create strategic pre-launch content that converts (instead of wasting time creating fluff)

Ready to POWER Up Your Pre-Launch?

Hey, You!

I’m Ash ― 

A launch strategist, conversion copywriter and someone who spends more time in her feelings than Drake.

And after falling head over heels in love with helping online business owners sell their digital products on repeat, here’s what I noticed ― 

While most people achieve their best sales during cart-close day, implementing a solid pre-launch strategy has helped my clients: 

  • Achieve their best sales on Day 1 of their launch (which meant they could break out the bubbly early)
  • Hit 5-figures in the first 24 hours (with a $200 product) 
  • Double their early-bird enrollment (from 10 to 21 students) AND bring in an extra $17k in *pre-launch* revenue

After seeing just how important creating a pre-launch strategy is (and how woefully under-served this area is) ―

I created a framework to help anyone create profitable pre-launch content that’ll get your audience flinging their credit card at you from the moment your cart opens. 

And now, I'm sharing it with *you*!

"When you launch something, there are a million things flying around. If you want to survive it, you have to find tools to make your life easier...tools like Ash's POWER™ framework.

Ash gave me the guardrails I needed to just sit down, write content that warmed my audience, and schedule it with confidence.

I will use this framework for the rest of my career."

- Grace Baldwin, B2B SaaS copywriter

This interactive guide is for you if:

  • You’re a course creator or online entrepreneur who’s ready to launch a digital product
  • Your launch is fast approaching and you have zero clue what content to create in the lead up
  • You want to maximise your sales with a shorter launch period
  • You want more people to snap up your offer on Day 1 of your launch
  • You prefer to create content with intention instead of using the scatter-gun approach

Just so we're clear - this isn't your typical freebie with all flash and no substance

You can apply my framework & the prompts inside *immediately* to create pre-launch content that strategically moves your audience to the point where they're ready to buy― just like it did for these business owners:

I'm IN. Gimme Your Guide