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Hey you,

I’m Ashley, a 20-something-year-old Law student who’d rather write stories than draft legal documents. My writing journey was birthed in a dreary legal office when I realised that I wanted to use my love for words to tell stories and talk about the messy stuff in life that really matters to you and me.

After fear and I wrestled over me moving forward, I decided that I didn’t want fear calling the shots in my life anymore. It’s taken baby step after baby step, but now I call myself a deeply creative soul who enjoys freelance writing, taking up space in cafes, and hosting solo dance parties in my living room.

Whilst at Uni,  I co-founded a mental health platform for Law Students called  ‘A Reasonable Standard: Wellbeing for Law students’  which shares honest and personal stories about struggling with mental illness while at Law School.

Words are my jam and I love writing all sorts of content for brands that makes the audience fall in love with their story. As someone who’s not afraid to catch feels, my secret sauce is being able to embody the desires, fears and anxieties of any audience, and articulate emotions in a way that makes people feel seen, known and understood.  So if you’re looking for wonderfully witty copy, you can check out my services here

Depression darkened my high school and early Uni years, and I know what it’s like to drown under the weight of shame and brokenness. It’s taken a lot of screaming at the ceiling, a small tribe of true friends, and all of God to rescue me from the darkness. But now I get to spend the rest of my life laughing and dancing in God’s grace.

My mess and brokenness still exist, and I still ugly cry on a weekly basis. But I’ve learned that the mess is where my greatest and often funniest stories are born. Now all I want to do is sit with you in the thick of your everyday mess and tell you you’re ok.

 So for the ones who are hurting but can’t tell anyone- this is for you. For the ones who cry themselves to sleep and don’t know where their worth lies-this is for you. For the ones who are always chasing after ‘success’ and wonder why they still feel empty- this is for you.

This space is purely and wholly for you.

I promise to share my stories about the failures I’ve had, the addictions I struggle with, and the things that break my heart. I promise to share my ‘so-tragic-it’s-funny’ and awkward moments so you won’t feel like the only odd one out here. I promise to share my confusion and uncertainty so you know you’re not the only one who hasn’t got life figured out.

I promise to be vulnerable on the page so that even on your worst days, you won’t feel like the only broken one.

But I also promise to share the redemption stories, the laugh till I pee my pants stories, and the joy I feel in all my mess. Because you are worthy of all the good things too.

I love you, and I hope you choose to stay a while.

 Encouraging you always,


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