Words are a big deal around here. 

 In fact, they’re a big deal everywhere –  especially in a world where we’re looking down at our screens more than we’re looking up.  

Words are what inspired me to ditch a safe legal career for a wild and creative path.

They’re what make grown men bawl like babies at weddings.


 And they’re probably what inspired you to smash the ‘Add to Cart’ button when you saw that super soft but ridiculously overpriced hoodie that makes you feel like you’re being hugged by a giant teddy bear. (No, just me?)

If words can change lives, move you to tears, and help you justify irrational purchases – imagine what the right ones can do for you and your business. 

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been a writer. I’ve scribbled stories in the corner of notebooks when I should have been paying attention in Math, and written love letters for people & places I adore. 

Thankfully, I’ve upgraded. 

Instead of Hello Kitty notebooks, my words can now be found in places like the strategy & show notes of branded podcasts, on an e-commerce platform creating an inclusive future, and in online publications like Thought Catalog and Grit & Virtue. 

Instead of ex-lovers, I now write love letters for you: brands, business owners, and anyone else looking to forge a deeper, intimate bond with their audience. 

 As a copywriter, my sole purpose is to play with words until I find the ones that tell your audience exactly who you are, what you stand for, and why you’re worth the investment. 

 Words that entertain, delight, and yes, convince them to press the shiny button with the words Subscribe, Share – or my personal favourite – Buy Now. 

So what exactly can I write? 


  • Digital letters to your email subscribers they’ll actually want to read. 

  • Bold About pages that tell your story and make your readers swoon.

  • Words for your website aka your corner of the internet

  • Social Media captions that are actually social. 

  • Blog posts (Fun ones. Informative ones. Relevant ones).


Ready to get wordy? There’s a spot reserved for you in my inbox. Just drop me a love letter below. 

Places my words have found a home in…You could be one of them.