3 Reasons Why Your Email List is Your Most Valuable Asset in Business.

I feel honoured knowing that every person on my list has chosen to welcome me into their inbox. So I wan[...]

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Quarantine Diaries: A recap of a writer’s day that absolutely no one asked for.

I’m tempted to nap for an hour. I’m my own boss, I tell myself. I’m in control of my day.

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How to Cure a Hangover – The Emotional Kind

As someone who spends way too much time in her feelings, I’ve experienced my fair share of emotional ha[...]

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When Success Comes Calling, Are You Going to Like Who You Are?

It’s easy to adopt the world’s definition of success when all you see are the Kylie Jenner’s and El[...]

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Are There Good Things Ahead For Me?

It’s a thought that creeps slowly into your mind when you’re struggling to fall asleep after a bad da[...]

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The Story of Us: How do You Know When a Relationship is ‘Right’?

I don’t think I’m qualified to speak in-depth about relationships. But wrestling over whether someone[...]

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A Letter On Creativity & Comparison

Here’s what I know about the comparison game: there are no winners. While you’re comparing yourself t[...]

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The Truth About Closure

Closure is not a destination to be reached, it’s a habit. Just like how love is a daily decision to choose the other person, closure is an action we must rinse and repeat, like eating our vitamins daily or going to the gym.

The Best Things Are Ahead

Every opportunity and ‘win’ you’ve had so far is a jumping off platform for your next big win. The more you keep daring to roll the dice, the further ahead you’ll progress along the board.